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To The Frontier
Ages 8 and up; HarperCollins; May 2002

"This series is a perfect blend of history and adventure that takes us behind the exploits of the legendary western showman, Buffalo Bill, to the boy, Bill Cody." - Joan Lowery Nixon, author of the Orphan Train Series

The Story: Buffalo Bill wasn't always a world-famous legend. Before he was everyone's favorite Pony Express rider and star of his own Wild West Show, Bill was a real pioneer: a boy who hopped on a wagon and blazed a new trail with his Ma, Pa, and sisters. And what a wild ride it is!

The frontier is packed with real-life adventures more exciting than Bill had ever imagined. He learns how to break a wild horse with the help of a genuine mustanger and even builds a cabin with nothing but an ax, a hammer and some nails.

But the west is a dangerous place, and Bill has to find out the hard way just how wild it can be. The first in an ongoing adventure series about young Buffalo Bill, To The Frontier sweeps readers back into the exciting and troubled world of America's frontier past.

Inspiration: Beth grew up hearing about Buffalo Bill from her father who, like our hero, was also named William Frederick Cody. When she began to look into the childhood of Buffalo Bill, she was amazed to find out what an incredibly exciting - and frightening - life the young boy led.

Beth travelled the route the Cody's covered wagon took - going through Iowa and Missouri to their cabin site in Kansas, and what she learned about Bill's life truly amazed her.


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