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The Jazzman's Trumpet: A Kit Mystery
American Girl Publishing.
February, 2015. Ages 8-12.

The Jazzman's Trumpet: A Kit MysteryKit can hardly believe her luck when she wins tickets to a sold-out jazz concert, and a chance to write a news story about it! But when sinister pranks threaten to cancel the show, Kit's research turns into an investigation. Then a valuable trumpet goes missing, and Kit herself is accused of theft. Can Kit prove her innocence and put a stop to the mayhem before the real thief sends the band packing? Includes an "Inside Kit's World" essay about the popularity of jazz and swing music during the Depression.
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Secret of the Mountain Dog
Scholastic Press
October, 2014. Ages 8-12.

Secret of the Mountain Dog by Elizabeth Cody KimmelJust when she needs it most, a little excitement comes to Jax's mountain. First, a beautiful and giant dog appears at her doorstep. The Tibetan mastiff doesn't act like a stray - and he seems determined to stay with Jax. Then lights appear in the old abandoned monastery up the mountain. The dog leads Jax up the mountain, where she meets a boy her age. Yeshe has come all the way from Tibet with his teacher to reopen the abandoned building - and to search for a long-lost statue, possibly hidden away in the monastery. But someone else is searching for the statue too, and the situation takes a dramatically dangerous turn, Jax must count on her new friend and the mysterious, faithful dog to keep her safe from whoever - or whatever - is trying to find the statue first.
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The Boxtrolls
Little, Brown and Company
September, 2014. Ages 8-12

The Boxtrolls by Elizabeth Cody KimmelThe Boxtrolls dwell in the vast and intricate caverns under the cobblestone streets of Cheesebridge. Human legend has it the creatures are carnivorous monsters. In reality, they're just misunderstood oddballs who've raised an orphaned human boy named Eggs. When Eggs discovers his true identity, he finds himself at the very center of the ongoing struggle between his Boxtroll family and the cheese-loving villains above-ground. It will fall to a special human girl to teach both Eggs and the people of Cheesebridge what it truly means to be human. An original novel based on the major motion picture from Laika Studios.
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A Taste of Freedom: Gandhi and the Great Salt March
Walker Books for Young Readers
February, 2014. Ages 6-9. Illustrations by Giuliano Ferri

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel"If you saw him even once, you would remember him for as many years as you are blessed to live..." A young boy living in India witnesses the arrival of the Mahatma, the Great Soul, who has proclaimed he is fighting British rule--not with weapons or violence, but with salt. How can salt set his people free? The boy is determined to find out, and together with his older brother, joins the Mahatma on a life-changing journey to the sea. By the time they reach the ocean the world is watching-as one small man takes a lump of sea salt in his hand, and brings the mighty British Empire to it's knees.
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Legend of the ghost dog
Scholastic, November 2012. Ages 8 and up

Legend of the ghost dog Out in the Alaskan wilderness, where the trees grow thickest and the northern lights shine their brightest, a ghostly animal haunts the woods.  Locals call it a phantom, a wraith, or simply "Shadow".  12 year old Tee didn't believe in ghosts until a walk in the Alaskan woods changes her mind.  There's something out there - and it's not of this world... Read more


Little Brown, June 2012. Ages 8 and up up

ParanormanFrom the hit movie from Laika Studios:  In a quaint New England town with a history of witches and pilgrims, misunderstood eleven-year-old Norman Babcock can see and talk to ghosts. No one believes him, of course-everyone just thinks he's weird (including his parents). But when a local legend about a witch's curse turns out to be true, it's up to Norman to save the town from pilgrim zombies! He'll also have to take on a very angry witch, an annoying sidekick, his boy-crazy teenage sister, and dozens of moronic grown-ups who get in his way. This young ghoul-whisperer finds his paranormal talents pushed to their otherworldly limits in this hilarious and spooky adventure! Read more


forever four - Books 1-4
Grosset & Dunlap, January 2012.   Ages 8 and up

Forever Four"Four very different girls:  The Brain, the Actress, the Prom Queen, and the New Girl.  When they are grouped together on a school project, it seems like they'll never agree on anything.  But when they get together, big things have a way of happening"... Read more



Dial Books for Young Readers, June 2010. Ages 10 and up.

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel"Moxie Roosevelt Kipper has endured thirteen years of being an ordinary girl with an unordinary name. Now that she’s going to boarding school, she’s determined to reinvent herself. But who will she be? Mysterious Earth Goddess? Hale and Hearty Sports Enthusiast? Detached, Unique, Cooly Knowing Individual? Moxie tries them all, with hilarious and near disastrous results." Read more


Little Brown Books, May 2010. Ages 8 and up.

Suddenly Supernatural Crossing Over"Kat Roberts and her best friend, cello prodigy Jac, are excited to be visiting Old Montreal on a school trip, but when both of their mothers come along as chaperones, things get complicated. To make matters worse, Kat is suffering in silence with a big crush on one of her classmates. Everytime he’s around, another ghost seems to come out of the woodwork! Are the spirits of Old Montreal going to ruin Kat’s life?" Read more


Ages 8 and up. Little Brown. April, 2009

Suddenly Supernatural on

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel"Spirit-seeing Kat thought she had overcome her fear of communicating with ghosts. When she and her best friend Jac visit the Whispering Pines Mountain House, Kat takes on the challenge of helping a spirit haunting her hotel room realize it is time to move on. But a darker force reveals itself, a malevolent cloud of evil. Once it has Kat in its sights, it is determined not to let her leave the Mountain House alive. Can she join forces with a ghost to fight the evil?" Read more


Foreword by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Ages 10 and up. Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan. March, 2009

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel "In 1937 monks on a secret mission identify Lhamo Thondup as the 14th reincarnation of Tibet’s most revered lama. From his simple life in a mountain village to the thousand-roomed Potala Palace where he is worshipped as a god-king, and his perilous escape into exile, this dramatic narrative follows the remarkable childhood of the Dalai Lama, one of the most loved and honored spiritual leaders in the world.." Read more


Ages 8 and up. Little Brown. February, 2009

Suddenly Supernatural Book 2 Scaredy Kat by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel"Now that she’s acquired her Spirit sight, Kat discovers being followed around by a bunch of dead people can be pretty scary. So when Kat and her best friend explore an abandoned old house that leads to a search for a missing boy, Kat’s not sure if she wants to help – or even if she can. And when evidence surfaces that spirits are following Kat, even into her own room, she has to face down her own fear. Can Kat keep the undead in control?" Read more


Ages 4-8; Candlewick Press; January, 2009

My Penguin Osbert"The long awaited sequel to MY PENGUIN OSBERT! When Osbert and friends stage a zoo-break and show up on Joe’s doorstep, they want some assistance getting to the South Pole to see the glorious southern lights. Yet when they arrive in Antarctica Osbert meets a penguin named Aurora Australis and the fireworks begin. Will Joe have to fly home in his new helicopter without his best penguin friend?" Read more


Ages 4-7. Hyperion. October, 2008

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel "Harriet the Hamster has a problem. All around her at Hamster World, hamsters are being adopted. She can’t even get noticed. Then one day after reading a hamster fashion magazine, she finds the answer. She will follow Ten Simple Steps and go from hamster to glamster..." Read more


Ages 8 and up. Little Brown Books for Young Readers, June 2008.

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel "What happens when the supernatural and the seventh grade meet? Kat's mother is a medium, and NOT the kind that fits between small and large. She sees spirits and communicates with them. And even worse, Kat has just discovered that SHE can see spirits too." Read more


Ages 10 and up. Dial Books for Young Readers, April 2008.

Spin the Bottle by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel"Middle School is an Entirely New Planet. All Phoebe wants is to hang out with her ever dependable best friend and join the famous Drama Club, where there are real parts in genuine plays that don't involve food groups or dancing chickens. But then Phoebe hears about the Drama Club's opening night tradition: Spin the Bottle. Eek. Things are suddenly a lot more complicated." Read more


Ages 9 and up. HarperCollins, January 2008.

Mary Ingalls on her Own by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel"Mary Ingalls lost her sight after a devastating bout of scarlet fever. Now for the first time readers will get a glimpse of what Mary's first months at the Iowa College for the Blind might have been like, where Mary gets a new beginning.  Readers will discover a whole new side of this Little House sister they know through Laura Ingalls Wilder's classic Little House books."
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Illustrated by Robert Neubecker.
Ages 4-8. Dutton Children's Books, July 2007.

the top job"Elizabeth's mother is a jeweler. Emma's dad is a UFO hunter. Aidan's mom is a racecar driver. Why would anybody at school be interested in one dad's boring job of changing a light bulb? Because that light bulb happens to be at the top of a very tall building - and changing it is one very big adventure!" Read more


Ages 9 and up.  HarperCollins. December 2006.

Lily B on the Brink of Paris Lily and friends are off on a school trip to Paris, where Lily vows to pen the great Parisian novel while simultaneously investigating Bonnie's past medieval life, refusing to purchase an Eiffel Tower snow globe, and solving the riddle of the Mysterious Tim.  Lily manages to become hopelessly lost with only a cryptically vibrating cell phone to aid her. Read more

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DINOSAUR BONE WAR: Cope and Marsh's Fossil Feud.  
Dinosaur Bone War: Cope and Marsh's Fossil Feud Ages 9 and up. Random House.
December 2006.

The true, fascinating story of the bitter feud between paleontologists Edward Cope and O.C. Marsh and their epic race to discover dinosaur bones that would make them famous and revolutionize the field of American paleontology.  Includes period photographs, drawings and historic documents. Read more

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Ladies First: 40 Daring American Women Who Were Second To None.Ladie's First: 40 Daring American Women who were Second to None
Ages 10 and up.  National Geographic Children's Books.  February 2006.

Who was the first woman to row across the Atlantic?  Or to swim the English Channel?  Or to graduate from medical school?  A rich source of educational and historic material for students, the book also highlights inspirational role models for girls... Read more

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Lily B on the Brink of LoveLily B on the Brink of Love
Ages 9-13; HarperCollins; 
October 2005

Lily B. is back... and she's on the Brink of Love!  Twenty feet may not seem that high to you.  But go outside, find a big rock, measure twenty feet up, then picture The Boy Who Is The Center if Your Universe climbing to that place, looking resplendent in climbing shoes.  Then you'll know what I mean.... Read more

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My Penguin Osbert Plush
My Penguin OsbertYour very own Penguin Osbert,  8" plush doll, suitable for all ages, Candlewick Press.

It's just what you wanted -- it's just what you asked for! But this irresistible penguin won't ever have to go back to the zoo. Complete with his very own nametag, this charming plush Osbert will delight children just as the popular picture book, My Penguin Osbert, did. Buy My Penguin Osbert Plush now.

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My Penguin OsbertMy Penguin Osbert
Ages 4-8; Candlewick Press; September 2004

This year, Joe is really careful when he tells Santa what he wants for Christmas. They've had some misunderstandings in the past. On Christmas morning Joe finally gets what he wants! But he learns to be careful what he wishes for... Read more

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The Look it up Book of ExplorersThe Look-It-Up Book of Explorers
Ages 9-12; Random House; July 2004

From ancient mariners to modern astronauts, follow these explorers’ courageous and sometimes controversial journeys into the great unknown. Entertaining and packed with facts, making it simple to unearth the past, present and future of exploration! Read more

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Lily B on the Brink of CoolLily B. on the Brink of Cool Ages 9-13; HarperCollins; October 2003

Lily is having the most boring summer EVER. Her best friend has abandoned her for Young Executives Camp, and there is nothing to do but go on family outings with her parents. Then Lily meets the coolest girl, Karma, and her incredibly cool parents. And guess what? They're her relatives! This summer is looking up, and Lily thinks she just might be on the brink of cool. Read more

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What do you Dream?What Do You Dream? Ages 4-8; Candlewick Press; August 2003

Presents a circle of dreams that leads from a child to a flower to a butterfly and eventually up to the moon and back to the earth, which is dreaming of a child. Read more

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West on the Wagon Train - Book 4 in The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill SeriesWest on the Wagon Train: The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill Book 4

The train stretched out like a white snake in front of him, twenty-five wagons rolling forward, dipping and leaning over the uneven prairie ... The year is 1857, and Bill Cody's pa has recently passed away. Now eleven years old, Bill takes a job as an extra hand on a wagon train headed west to help raise money for his family. It is a dream come true for Bill, and he is determined to be the best hired hand Lew Simpson has ever known! Read more

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In the Eye of the StormIn The Eye of the Storm: The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill Book 3

Things have changed dramatically for nine-year-old Bill since his father left home. He is suddenly the man of the house and must help his family survive the bitter-cold winter. And to top it all off, he now has to go to school! But with his new responsibilities come nightmares and worries. Bill has never felt more alone. Even his favorite sister, Julia, doesn't seem to understand him anymore. Read more

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One Sky Above Us: The Adventures of Young Buffalo BillOne Sky Above Us: The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill Book 2, Ages 8 and up; HarperCollins; October 2002

Now that they'd crossed two states in a covered wagon, claimed their land, and built a cabin, Bill had thought the hard part would be over. But life in Kansas Territory is anything but easy, and for all their goodwill, the Codys have made some ruthless enemies. Read more

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To The Frontier: The Adventures of Young Buffalo BillTo The Frontier: The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill Book 1, Ages 8 and up; HarperCollins; May 2002

When young Bill Cody leaves his hometown in Iowa in 1854, he can't wait for all the excitement to begin. But there is serious trouble brewing in the west, and Bill and his family get more than they bargained for as they try to stake their land claim in Kansas Territory. Read more

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As Far as the Eye can Reach: Lewis and Clark's Westward QuestAs Far as the Eye Can Reach: Lewis and Clark's Westward Quest
Ages 9-12; Random House; January 2003

In 1803, Captains Lewis and Clark set out to explore beyond the newly purchased land of the Louisiana Territory. By the time the Corps returned years later, everyone believed they were dead. But the men had survived and with their long journey, they staked a claim to the West for the new country, America. Read more

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My Wagon will Take me AnywhereMy Wagon Will Take Me Anywhere illustrated by Tom Newsom Preschool; Dutton Books; March 2002

What begins as a walk with Mom and Dad turns into an world-wide adventure as a child's imagination combines with the wonder of a red Radio Flyer wagon. Read more

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Before Columbus: The Leif Eriksson ExpeditionBefore Columbus: The Leif Eriksson Expedition
Ages 9-12; Random House Books for Young Readers; Available July 2004

Five hundred years before Columbus, a young Viking named Leif Eriksson crossed the Atlantic and became the first known European to set foot in North America. The tale of the crossing and the brief Viking settlement in North America has been passed down for a thousand years. Read more

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Balto and the Great RaceBalto and the Great Race Ages 8 and up; Random House; 1999

Heading bravely into a brutal blizzard, Balto leads the race for life. The true story of the heroic sled dogs who in 1925 were the only hope to transport medicine to the desperately sick children of Nome, Alaska. Read more

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Visiting Miss CaplesVisiting Miss Caples Ages 10 and up; Dial Books; 2000

A young girl is assigned to read aloud to a reclusive elderly woman. She discovers that there is a story behind Miss Caples, and an ancient wrong that might still, seventy years later, be righted. Read more

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Ice Story: Shackleton's Lost ExpeditionIce Story: Shackleton's Lost Expedition Ages 10 and up; Clarion; 1999

A tightly woven, suspenseful book about the true events that transpired on the ill-fated Endurance voyage of 1914, when Ernest Shackleton and his crew were stranded on the Antarctic pack ice for over a year with virtually no chance of rescue or survival. Read more

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In the Stone CircleIn The Stone Circle
Ages 9 and up; Scholastic; 1998

Part ghost story, part historical novel, In the Stone Circle is a riveting novel about the summer an American girl and her father spend in a sixteenth century stone cottage and are haunted by a ghost from many centuries past. Read more

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