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My Penguin Osbert in love
Ages 4-8; Candlewick Press; January 2009

My Penguin Osbert in Love by Elizabeth Cody KimmelThe long awaited sequel to MY PENGUIN OSBERT!

The story: When Osbert and friends stage a zoo-break and show up on Joe’s doorstep, they want some assistance getting to the South Pole to see the glorious southern lights. Yet when they arrive in Antarctica Osbert meets a penguin named Aurora Australis and the fireworks begin. Will Joe have to fly home in his new helicopter without his best penguin friend?

The inspiration: I have always wanted to visit Antarctica. Since I haven’t yet had the opportunity, who better to go in my place than Osbert and Joe? Hopefully one day I will join them in the line for the Polar Restroom facilities.


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