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Ages 8 and up. Little Brown. February, 2009

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit

The Story: Now that she’s acquired her Spirit sight, Kat discovers being followed around by a bunch of dead people can be pretty scary. So when Kat and her best friend explore an abandoned old house that leads to a search for a missing boy, Kat’s not sure if she wants to help – or even if she can. And when evidence surfaces that spirits are following Kat, even into her own room, she has to face down her own fear. Can Kat keep the undead in control?

The inspiration: I explored an old abandoned house when I was a kid living in Brussels. Every room seemed to have its own story. One of the things that scared me was that whoever had lived there left so much stuff behind. The floor of one room was scattered with piles and piles of papers. I never found out what happened to the person who lived in that room. I wanted Kat to do better…


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