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Little Brown Books, May 2010. Ages 8 and up.

Suddenly Supernatural #2 Scaredy Kat

The 4th installment in the hugely popular Suddenly Supernatural series. Medium-in-training Kat Roberts finally seems comfortable healing the living dead. But when her free-spirited mother volunteers to chaperone her 8th grade trip to Old Montreal, ghosts start popping up everywhere, and Kat’s problems become dead serious.

The Story: Kat Roberts and her best friend, cello prodigy Jac, are excited to be visiting Old Montreal on a school trip, but when both of their mothers come along as chaperones, things get complicated. To make matters worse, Kat is suffering in silence with a big crush on one of her classmates. Everytime he’s around, another ghost seems to come out of the woodwork! Are the spirits of Old Montreal going to ruin Kat’s life?

The inspiration: I chaperoned my daughter’s 7th grade French class trip to Old Montreal, and did my best not to embarrass her. I was captivated by all the places we visited, and found many a spot where I suspected we might have a little ghostly company. Only my daughter knows which parts of the book really happened – and she’s not telling!


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