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Ages 4-7. Hyperion. October, 2008

Suddenly Supernatural Book 1 School Spirit by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel The Story: Harriet the Hamster has a problem All around her at Hamster World, hamsters are being adopted. She can’t even get noticed. Then one day after reading a hamster fashion magazine, she finds the answer. She will follow Ten Simple Steps and go from hamster to glamster by giving herself a fabulous makeover. With carrot juice volumizer, some whisker extensions and two-tone claw polish, all her dreams will come true… or will they?

The inspiration: It makes me nuts when magazines claim that the key to happiness is a new hair product or a trendy outfit. I wanted to show in the silliest terms (and hamsters are inherently silly) that there are no 10 magic steps in any magazine to bring instant happiness! Hopefully Harriet’s lesson will give kids a healthy skepticism about the claims of ‘glamour’ magazines.

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